Roasted strawberries pop in this no churn ice cream

Char then pickle your beautiful wild mushrooms Filipino adobo pickled mushies

Elevate your citrus peels into these bootleg ‘Aesop’ post poo drops

Mango pits and peels make a delicious marinade – here’s the recipe

Use your leftover festive prawn head and shells to make this flavourful prawn oil

Mushroom makes a bloody good mince! Find out how here.

Filipino ‘Tomato Ketchup’ is Actually Made From Bananas! 🍌 Here’s my recipe!

Filipino empanadas are easier than you think! Just follow my tips!

Cauliflower stem and leaf pizza with egg
Cauliflower leaves make an excellent pizza topping and A great alternative to spinach!

Zero waste veggie peel fritters – Use your carrot + parsnip peels or grate sad ones up!

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