Who is Bottomfeeder?

Margaret Sevenjhazi has been a bottomfeeder from birth. Born to Filipino and Hungarian immigrants in suburban Sydney, she’s had thriftiness and resourcefulness drilled into her from an early age. In fact, Margaret vividly remembers her mum stealing mini-butters from her hotel job, as well as a family friend downing several rotten bananas at airport security to avoid binning them at customs.

Now, as a recipe developer and food writer, this (maybe?) borderline traumatic upbringing has been channelled by Margaret into a more positive obsession with zero-waste food and cooking, foraging, pickling, fermenting, street food, local food producers, and more generally, squeezing every last smidge out of the food she makes. Scraps and all.

Bottomfeeder is a place for all this knowledge — food stories and recipes that are as scrimpy as they are sumptuous. It began as a blog and Instagram in 2018 after Margaret left a career in advertising to pursue a career in food, something she’d always been passionate about. It’s now spread its weird online tentacles to include a YouTube channel and contributions to SBS Food, with more to come. If you wanna ask a question, offer feedback, or collab together somehow, feel free to say hi!

The extended team

Mark Starmach has been Margaret’s soulmate and confidante for the past nine years. They hooked up at an ad agency where Marge was working and where, scandalously, Mark was just a lowly intern. Now a seasoned writer and creative in ad-land and beyond, Mark has helped shape Bottomfeeder by thinking up story ideas and formats with Marge, zhuzhing the words, and filming & editing the videos.

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